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    Cordially invites you to an exhibition of paintings by

    Date: 23rd February - 31st March 2019
  • Delightful works by Sumanto Choudhury


    Cordially invites you to an exhibition of paintings by

    Date: 17th July - 1st August 2018
News and Notices
Past Exhibition - An Exhibition of Artists from Middle India-Madhya Pradesh

Invites you to an exhibition of Artists from Middle India-Madhya Pradesh

Curated by Mr Prayag Shukla.

A Tribute to the Late Sachida Nagdev

Inauguration:5th September 2017

Exhibition from the 6th to 25th September 2017

Kindly note that valet parking will be available for the 5th evening. Sunday:Holiday.

Artist(s) Yusuf , Vivek , Veena Jain, Anwar , Faiza Huma, Yogendra Tripathi, Sanju Jain, Hemant Rao, Vijay Mohite

Venue: 1/12, Ganeshpuram 3rd Street, Off Cenotaph Road, Chennai - 600 018.

Duration: 6th - 25th September 2017

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Curator's note

Art works emerging from the state of Madhya Pradesh in the last four decades or so, have enthralled many; as the newer modes of expression sought and explored by the artists, some of them quite young, have borne fruits. The colours, the lines, and the images in their works are truly refreshing. Instead of painting landscapes or some scenes with figures, or doing conventional works, they have moved further to the forms and images which have more emotive qualities, and are inventive in the true sense of the term. The 'abstraction' in their works is not just pure or formal abstraction but bears testimony to a thought process, in terms of technique and content both. Their connection with the nature and local colours is also obvious, and it is never dramatic or 'limiting'.

The works presented in the show by Akhilesh, Aparna Bidasaria, Anwar, Anil Gaikwad, Basant Bhargav, Hemant Rao, Faiza Huma, Hansa Milan Kumar, Seema Ghuraiyya, Seeraj Saxena, Vivek, Sanju Jain, Veena Jain, Yogendra Tripathi, and Yusuf are cases in point; their works provide a wide range of colours and images to concentrate upon, and are able to initiate a journey which can be both absorbing and enchanting. Then we have veterans like Vijay Mohte and Sachida Nagdev, who were sensitive and mature enough to grasp the tonalities of modern sensibilities, and generate a new beginning in the art-scenario of Madhya Pradesh.

It is important to mention here, that with the coming of artist and art thinker J. Swaminathan to Bhopal, as the director of Roopankar museum, the art-scenario of Madhya Pradesh transformed further. An affinity with folk and tribal arts and artists was formed; their simplicity, and uninhibitive qualities, while creating an image, was inspiring to many. Swaminathan always believed in and talked of 'reality of the image', implying that if the image can hold on its own, and seems real, representing this or that does not arise and becomes evocative in itself.

One hopes that this show and the art works exhibited here strengthens this belief. In some of the works, the geometrical formations play a dominant role, but instead of any restrictive use, they are there to illuminate the luminosity of the colours to be cherished.

The visits, and interactions of remarkable painter, Syed Haider Raza, with the younger artists of Madhya Pradesh did make a certain contribution in shaping a formidable concept, that one has to seek one's own language; and what we find in this show , speaks volume for this view and concept as well.

In the works of some of the younger artists like Hemant Rao, Faiza Huma and Hansa Milan Kumar, we find a sense of 'gravity' and grace, put humbly, and we rejoice in their intent. We have mentioned their works separately to imply, that an ongoing quest for newer modes is evident in the art-scenario of Madhya Pradesh, which one would be looking forward to, along with the works of their seniors.

Happy viewing.

Prayag Shukla

Poet and Art critic
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