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Artist - Dilip Patel
Dilip  Patel

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Dilip Patel

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Style: Abstract, Figurative, Still Life

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Dillp Patel's first years were spent in Africa in a settlement close to tropical jungles where the roar of lions and the discovery of snakes under one's bed were not uncommon occurrences! Thus his fascination of all things connected with nature started early in life-this has provided so far insatiable material for his creative energies, His childhood in Pondicherry, growing up in the Ashrarn there with strong emphasis in plants and flowers, further enhanced his love of nature. Teenage years in sedate and restrained England, with its long grey winters and the incessant rain, did not dampen his spirits artistically-he continued using bright, strong colours and drawing inspiration from nature. Wild animals of the tropical jungles were a particular passion, set in profusion of forest vegetation, Now settled back in Pondicherry, Dilip has come to concentrate on three mediums-watercolour, acrylics and the airbrush. Watercolour is a constant source of marvel how the fluid transparency of water colour reacts to paper and the not inconsiderable skill require to control iffor Dilip, the sense of achievement here remains the greatest for any given medium for this very reason Jhe airbrush work for Dilip, is a relatively new techniqu~ with lots of potential: cri' precise images are easily obtained but care has to be SP taken to avoid making the work too mechanical and soul-less, thus he finishes the work with a few brush strokes where required. Dilip continues to work in aU three mediums and retains his all abiding love for nature, an issue even more pertinent now with the wide scale annihilation of the earth's natural wealth. The latest creative foray is into the world of water colour abstracts: images of perhaps the "other" world where no limits that bind our expression exists! This is achieved with strong bold strokes of water colour applied with a variety of brushes as well as the airbrush. Dilip finds the greatest satisfaction in achieving what the inner artist wants to express through the outward means of abstract art.

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