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Artist - Darshana Bajaj
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Artist Name:
Darshana Bajaj

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Artist’s Biography:

Darshana Bajaj completed her MA History of Fine Arts from Stella Maris College in 1996. Since then she has participated in a number of group and solo shows in the city. She also has a diploma in drawing and painting from the C.P. R. Art Centre, 2002, and has been fortunate to be briefly guided by senior artists like A.V. Ilango and Geetha Ananthakrishnan. This Chennai-based artist works as a language editor by day.

Artist’s Statement:

Art for me is an ongoing dialogue with life. It is an adventure, a process that reveals the world to me... My journey as an artist has been a journey of self-discovery as well as of spiritual and emotional healing. While some of the paintings I do are a response to what I see around me, most of them come from a place deep within...they are paintings from the soul.

In The Crow and Other Mysteries (my 6th solo), I present my latest series of paintings, called “Under a Crimson Sky”, as well as some earlier works. In Under a Crimson Sky, I have tried to create a parallel universe... a place where knowing exists along side of innocence, where love and divine protection surround us, allowing us peaceful days and restful nights. A place where children once again find a playground in nature, and people live in harmony, watched and guided by the eternal spirit depicted here as the ubiquitous crow. The experiences of life, the traumas of the past, hold fragments of our soul prisoner...it’s when we gather all these pieces, and put ourselves right again, sometimes after a long journey...we may find ourselves, as it were, under a crimson sky.

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