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Artist - Aishwarya Ramachandran
Aishwarya   Ramachandran

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Aishwarya Ramachandran

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Aishwarya Ramachandran, an evolving artist, has completed her Masters in Bio-Medical Engineering from the Arizona State University and has returned to India two years ago to pursue and explore her passion for art. She started learning the nuances of creative drawing and painting from the much acclaimed senior artist Mr. A.V.Ilango, under whom she continues to train.

Alongside art, wildlife has also been of great fascination to Aishwarya and she has made several expeditions to National Parks across the country. Tigers in particular are her favourite and she has intially chosen to dedicate her artistic talent towards creating artwork based on this species.

Adept with the use of charcoal and soft pastels, Aishwarya's creations revolve around captivating the viewer through the use of a monochromatic colour scheme. The artist's compilation of various poses and scenarios of the tigers using oil pastels epitomizes their underlying tenderness and portrays the bond they share between each other.

Aishwarya's black and white works on tigers were successfully exhibited at the World Wildlife Fund, New Delhi, India in Nov 2011. This art exhibition, TIGRIS, was a tribute to the magnificent species of Tigers which have been dwindling in their population due to constant poaching. The sketches portrayed this formidable animal's angelic dimension and illustrated the grandiose and regal stature they command. Along with its artistic implications these works of art also aimed at increasing awareness on tigers and the peril they are facing in being one of the most endangered species in this country.

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