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News and Notices
Artist - K Velmurugan
K  Velmurugan

Artist Name:
K Velmurugan

Reference Number:


Style: Figurative

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Educational Qualification

  • MFA Sculpture Govt. College of Fine Arts, Chennai - 600 003.


  • Metal Work, Painting, Eq Stone Work, for 10 years.


  • Last it Kala Academy, Regional Centre, No.4, Greams Road, Chennai - 600 006. Phone: 044- 282716921.

Exhibition Participated

  • Nirman - Kolkatia - 2008
  • All India Fine Apts & New Delhi - 2007
  • Amual Indian Royal Academy ** 2008-2010
  • Multiple Sclerosis Society of India, Ch - 08.
  • JK & RT Architects Mumbai - 2008
  • Art India - 2007.

Solo Shows

  • Art Would, Kodaikanal - 2002, 2003,2004
  • Ayya Art Gallery Chennai - 2006,2008,2010
  • Art Loka Chennai - 2005,2006,
  • Laxina Art Gallery Chennai - 2008
  • Prekark Art Gallery Chennai - 2007
  • Arathan Art Gallery, Pondichery, 2008,2009.

Group Show

  • Ayya Art Gallery, Chennai - 2006,2008 2010.
  • Art Would Chennai - 2008,2010,2011,
  • Chennai Art Sathmeth - 2011.
  • Parvathy Art Gallery - 2008
  • Arathan Art Gallery - 2008
  • Arathan Art Gallery Pondicherry, 2008 - 2009.
  • Indian Fine Arts & Grafts Society New Delhi 2007,2008.
  • K.K.Therri Kolkotta - 2006.
  • JK & RT Architects, Mumbai - 2008
  • Sony Darvvalla Chennai-2008,2009,2010,2011.
  • Civam Arts Pvt.Ltd - Singapore - 2007.
  • Laxina Art Gallery Chennai - 2008.
  • Kala Mala - 2008.
  • Art Mall New Delhi - 2009,2011.


  • West Zone Sculpture Centre, Uthaipur - 2010.
  • West Zone Sculpture Centre Goa - 2007
  • Gnana Art Singapore - 2008.
  • Zone & Sculpture, Camp - 2009
  • Sant Sculpture Gamp - 2009.
  • Model Camp - madupalayam - 2009.


  • Nirman Kolkatta - 2008
  • Annual Indian Royal Academy Gvl Park 2008,2010
  • Bhiku Ram Jain Awards 2009,2010.
  • Govt. College of Fine Arts Chennai - 2010.
  • Padappai - Art Vallage Arts - 2010.

Junior Fellow Ship

  • Govt. Of India Ministry of Culture New Delhi - 1100011. 2010.2011.

About My Work

I was born on 12 May 1978 in Mallapuram Village in Tamil Nadu (India). It is a real form of Typical South Indian Village .I did my post graduation from Govt. College of fine Arts, Chennai and Under Graduation from Govt. College of fine Arts, Kumbakonam and joined Lalit Kala Akadami Chennai in the year 2004 as working Artist. I continue to work in the studio.

I love traveling, I am learning from nature. My works are based on my experience which I have gained from the villages. My works are based on village scene. I have spent most of my time in the villages and the memories are evergreen, the memories are my source of inspiration. Village people and their day to day life are more evident in my sculptures. Starting from agriculture like growing crops, harvesting to people in groups, mother feeding, traveling, people along with the domestic animals and their pets beside them. In this fast moving world no one has time to look around our life style, people and culture. Nowadays village people's habit have been changed and we don't find them in groups. Rural places are influenced by western culture and they are more relying on technology so the urge for reality and the need for the development of our tradition and culture is very feeble. But for me I can't erase thoughts from my mind, so I am registering in my work of art. I have been working in this field for the past 7 years with the same subject because there is lot to work on this subject and there are more possibilities for experimentation.

In my woks - Mother carrying the water pots from the pumps and children playing with their parents. In one of my work I have a father carrying his children to school with the bags. I am expressing the bondage between the parent and their children. ' Mother and Child ' is another work which expresses the love for her child and mother feeding her child ,besides there is a dog which is a notable work in this series. ' Journey ' is a work with mother, father with his son on his shoulder and his other son following mother. Total scene depicts the bondage between each other and dependent human. In one of my work I have shown a Goat with a Lamb. Love and affection is common with all mammals. I have shown this in my works. Love, affection and bondage is transparent in village only. City life is moving faster, people are traveling alone it is because of the western influence. I like to be in joint family so my works are also in groups. I continue to work on the same subject.

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