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Artist - Debashish Sarkar
Picture of Debashish   Sarkar

Artist Name:
Debashish Sarkar

Reference Number:

Year of Birth:1979


Style: Abstract, Figurative

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  • 2001 - B.V.A. from Govt. College of Art & Craft with 1st Class
  • 2004 - M.V.A. from Govt. College of Art & Craft with 1st Class

The pictorial world of Debasish Sarkar is comprised of an array of diverse imageries culled from various echelons of existence – the primal nature, the mankind and the subterranean accretions of fantasy. The dreams and desires, the desolations and agonies vis-à-vis the awesome presence of an inescapable truth of a continued existence – all emerge from that. Slowly but surely, Debasishs canvases take you close to that lyrical vision as envisaged by this pensive man perched, like an ancient wise bird, almost on the edge of the illusory mundane life. He yearns for one united space enfolding the being. It seems that the artist too believes in this single nest – with intricacies of course.

Truly so. Debasish refuses to comply with the conventional divide between the real and the fantasy. He finds them all in one cohesive space. He finds them in luminous colors, he finds them in inflated soaring bodies and he finds them in the way objects get associated to each other in the grand scheme of things. Thus he feels free to draw his visual motifs from all kinds of situations, with equal breath.

The visuals in Debasishs works appear to speak a dialect of a strange world. They seem to have sprung out of an archaic yet contemporary subsistence. Even the images of an urban apartment life somewhere remain suspended in a dislodged time warp. It is not merely incidental that Debasish takes a keen interest in the rich and vibrant traditions of Indian tribal and folk arts, folklores and their mythologies. The evident oscillation in his paintings, between illustrative and narrative, between a tutored style and an immediacy of a naïve idiom, is a potential consequence of this wakefulness.

Debasishs imaginations take shape in a spontaneous manner. He withdraws from the factual world and ventures into the buoyant world where life itself offers all the possibilities of a fusion. To respond to this assured land he goes through a process of unlearning and unarms himself. His canvases promise the exuberance of a child, wisdom of an ancient inhabitant and pathos of a time-ravaged world; intertwined like a resplendent tapestry.

He lives and works in Kolkata

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