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    Cordially invites you to an exhibition of paintings by

    Date: 23rd February - 31st March 2019
  • Delightful works by Sumanto Choudhury


    Cordially invites you to an exhibition of paintings by

    Date: 17th July - 1st August 2018
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About Artworld

Sarala's Art Centre, established in 1965 is one of the oldest art galleries in South India and this year they celebrate their 48th year. Over the past four decades it has been responsible for laying the foundation of the Indian Art Market.

Artworld was established in 1997 as a second generation gallery geared to meet the challenges of promoting Indian Art abroad. Artworld has held path-breaking exhibitions in several countries like Germany, Paris, Holland, Denmark, U.S.A., Singapore, the Pao Galleries, Hong Kong, Art Museum- Ginza Tokyo, The University Museum, Penang and the National Gallery of Modern Art, Kuala Lumpur.

Artworld is in the process of establishing associates in several countries to better market Indian Art abroad. The gallery deals with established artists of the country as well as promotes upcoming young talent.

The Directors Mr. Bishwajit Banerjee and Mrs. Sarala Banerjee run the gallery with passion and collectors from all over the world cherish their cordial personal touch.

Authenticity Guarantee

Artworld certifies that all paintings displayed on the website are absolutely authentic and sourced directly from the artist.

Every purchase will be accompanied by and authenticity certificate signed by the directors of the company.

In the event that the purchase has a doubt on the authenticity of the painting within 3 months of purchase, and Artworld is convinced on the reason for any doubt, full refund shall be given to the purchaser on return of the painting.

As a rule Artworld does not normally deal in the secondary market and sources artworks directly from the Artist.